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Repairing your vehicle with the right parts is extremely important.  It affects the fit, finish, and safety of your vehicle.  We follow manufacturer guidelines for all our factory certifications.  Watch these videos to learn about the differences in parts shops may use and the effects on your auto body shop repair.


Can a body part affect your Honda’s safety?

Honda is a safety system, when your Honda is involved in an accident aftermarket/imitation (non Honda) parts can cause vehicles airbag system to deploy more slowly.  Aftermarket Bumpers, bumper beams, headlights, hoods, doors, and fenders can cause the vehicles safety system to not react properly.  Honda performed a crash test a with Honda bumper parts and did the same crash test using commonly available aftermarket parts, the aftermarket parts caused the airbags to deploy several seconds slower than then Honda parts, which would lower the NHSTA’s crash rating from a 5 star rating to a 4 star rating.


Honda Airbag On-Time vs. Late Deployment

This effectively shows the difference between your airbag deploying on time and your airbag deploying several hundredths of a second late.  Always demand your insurance company cover brand new factory parts, they could save your life!


Nissan Certified Collision Repair Intro

When it comes time to choose a body shop, chose a Nissan Certified body shop to make sure your Nissan gets back to pre-accident collision. Nissan certified body shops have already passed the stringent requirement Nissan requires.


Nissan Genuine Parts Advantage


Nissan: Safety is a System

Nissan puts all of their parts through a series of tests to make sure the parts meet Nissans requirements for durability, strength, and safety. The insurance company may try to tell you to repair your vehicle using aftermarket parts; the problem is that these parts may not perform the way they are supposed to. Aftermarket and Used parts are not crash tested. The Nissan vehicle is a system and requires testing in order to make sure the integrity of the vehicle is maintained. Instead of letting your insurance company tell you what parts to use, insist that they use Nissan genuine parts.


Ford Safety Tests - Aftermarket vs OEM Parts

Ford does not recommend using aftermarket parts.  There are not any manufacturers that will recommend the use of aftermarket parts.  All aftermarket parts are imitation parts and the safety of those parts cannot be verified.  Ford’s parts are crash tested and will get your vehicle back to pre-accident condition.

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