Videos - Insurance Companies & Claims Information

It is important to understand the role of insurance companies in claims in auto body repairs to make sure your best interests are looked after.  These videos provide a few ideas to keep in mind during your repair process to give you the best experience possible.


Anderson Cooper 360 - Body Shops Say Insurance Companies Skimp on Repairs

Auto Body shops throughout the nation say that insurance companies skimp on safety in order to pad their pockets. When insurance companies skimp on paying for safety it leaves the consumer in an unsafe vehicle. Anderson Cooper investigates poor repairs done at an “Insurance Company Recommended Body Shop” and the behind the scenes look at the side deals these body shops have with insurance companies, which the consumer usually has no clue about. These side deals force the body shops to do the bare minimum to fix your car, including using aftermarket, used, or reconditioned parts. These items can be a serious safety issue and attorney generals in several states are suing the insurance companies over this issue.


Curious How Progressive Insurance Operates?

Progressive insurance uses unethical business practices to keep profits for their shareholders. They use teams of lawyers to delay, deny, & defend paying out on policies, if you have Progressive insurance this video is a MUST SEE!


Progressive Insurance's "Recommended Body Shops"

Progressive Insurance Company "recommended body shops" shortcut repairs and leave consumers in a much worst state than they were before the accident. Progressive recommended body shops located all over the country do these types of repairs. Beware of the body shops that Progressive insurance recommends! This is a national problem Progressive has, they try to pay the least amount possible and they do not care who they hurt in the process.


Atlanta News on Insurance Steering & Aftermarket Parts

Georgia body shops are saying they are being forced by insurance companies to use inferior parts on auto repairs. This video shows the difference between aftermarket and OEM parts. The bottom line is these aftermarket parts are cheaper for a reason, because they are of lesser quality and they are not crash tested. These parts do not get you be to the condition your vehicle was in before the accident.


News Story on Insurance Steering & Aftermarket Auto Body Parts

After the Anderson Cooper story was released, local news stations all over the country started airing their own local stories.  Another news story on insurance company direct repair shops fixing cars incorrectly.  More proof that insurance company direct repair shops all over the country fix cars incorrectly in order to save the insurance company money.  We know first hand that insurance companies do this.  Ask us which insurance companies we recommend!


Indianapolis Insurance Company Steering & Aftermarket Auto Body Parts

On a daily basis, insurance companies come into our shop and attempt to tell us how to repair vehicles.  It is extremely important for your families safety that you be wary of the insurance companies recommended body shops, the odds are they are looking out for the insurance companies financial interests and not your interests.

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