Frequently Asked Questions

When is Cherokee Collision Center open for business?

Monday-Friday, 8:00 am - 5:30 pm.

Where is Cherokee Collision Center Located?

Cherokee Collision Center
5021 Canton Road NE • Marietta, GA 30066
Phone: (770) 516-6465 Fax: (866) 613-6751

Cherokee Collision Center
300 Old Ballground Hwy • Canton, GA 30114

Phone: (678) 388-7000 

You can use the Locations Page to get exact directions from your location to our business.

Do I need a claim number?

No, but in order for us to best assist you bring us your claim number along with claim representative contact number and we should be able to handle your entire claim for you.

If my vehicles's frame is damaged, is it a total loss?

No. A car is a total loss only when the price of repairs exceeds the insurance companies determined value of your vehicle. Today, most cars are built using unibody (frame and body as one) construction. With the aid of state-of-the-art laser measuring systems (Car-O-Liner), your vehicle can return to its original factory specifications. If it is determined that the frame section is bent beyond repair, that section can simply be replaced.

Can Cherokee Collision Center match my car's current paint color?

Today's modern factory finishes incorporate multiple layers of highly specialized paints. CCC has made a major investment in the finest water borne paint system available and constantly upgrades its technology and equipment to ensure that each vehicle's paint matches. We take special pride in our ability to match factory finishes as the final step in the restoration process.

Can I get other service work done on my vehicle while it is at Cherokee Collision Center?

Yes. Just let your service representative know what other work you would like done so that he or she can make the necessary arrangements. 

How long will the repairs to my vehicle take?

The only way to assure a completion date is to determine how we are going to fix the car.  This is determined after dis-assembly occurs.  Once we have your car dis-assembled and we figure out how we are going to fix your car, then we can give a more accurate target completion date.

How do I get home after I drop off my car at Cherokee Collision Center?

We recommend to have arrangements made before you drop off your vehicle. Sometimes we have availability to drive you home if it is within 5 miles of the shop. If you would like for a ride home after you drop off your vehicle, call us to discuss this ahead of time so that we can see if we have somebody available to provide this service.

Can I get a rental car?

If you need a rental car, we can help you make the necessary arrangements. Insurance companies will only pay for a rental car if you have that option on your policy. Check your policy and/or call your insurance company to find out if you have rental coverage and what your specific limitations are. Enterprise Rent A Car provides rent from home online service.

If you were hit by somebody, and liability has been accepted by the other insurance company, then there insurance company will pay for you to be in a rental.  We just need your claim number and claim representatives phone number in order to assist you with your rental car.

Will I be kept informed of the status on my car?

Once your car is dis-assembled you will be contact by our in house repair planner to go over the repairs with you.  Every Tuesday and Thursday you will be contacted by a customer service representative by phone or text message to go over the status with you.  When your car is completely done you will be contact by a customer service representative.

Does Cherokee Collision Center warranty the repairs completed on my vehicle?

Yes. Cherokee Collision Center guarantees all of their repairs with a limited lifetime warranty.  This is non-transferrable.

Do I have to pay a deductible?

The amount of deductible that you will be responsible for is determined by your insurance policy. If you carry standard collision, you will have to pay your deductible regardless of whether you were at fault. If you carry broad collision, and you were not fault, your insurance company most likely will waive your deductible. Insurance companies determine fault by your account of the accident when you make the claim, and by reviewing the accident report filed with the police department.

If you aren't sure about your deductible, you can call your CCC service representative and we can tell you whether your insurance company has waived your deductible or whether you will be responsible to pay this when you pick up your vehicle.

Who do I pay the deductible to?

If your deductible is not waived, it will be your responsibility to pay Cherokee Collision Center when you pick up your vehicle.

How can I pay for the repairs?

We accept cash, cashier's check, Visa and Mastercard.

What are betterment charges?

Parts that wear out and need replacement with time and use (examples: tires, batteries, and suspension parts) are commonly subject to betterment charges when they are replaced during the repair process. These betterment charges are determined by your insurance company and are pro-rated based on actual miles on the vehicle.

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