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Cherokee Collision Center is a member of the ProFirst program from Acura as a certified auto body shop for repairs to all Acura vehicles.  Acuras repaired at these body shop locations are repaired completely to factory specifications using the appropriate and approved tools, equipment, materials, and methods for your Acura.

The Marietta and Canton body shop locations are validated for Acura skill and expertise, commitment to excellence, proper and safe repairs, customer satisfaction, and ongoing industry education.  Each Cherokee Collision Center shop is annually validated by an independent third party to ensure high standards of repair quality for Acura vehicles. 

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By qualifying as an Acura certified body shop the collision repair facilities meet specific knowledge and skill requirements.  All Acura repairs adhere to manufacturer's repair guidelines and best quality practices.  Body shop inspections on-site verify the auto body repair methods, tools, equipment, and materials are appropriate and consistent to provide a safe and complete repair.

Acura Certified Aluminum Auto Body Repair

Modern Acuras use many new manufacturing materials and techniques.  The use of aluminum in the auto body has been a big change that most auto body shops did not have the proper equipment for.  The Marietta and Canton locations of Cherokee Collision Center are committed to remaining capable to repair vehicles properly, completely, and safely.  The body shops have all the necessary tools to fully repair the aluminum used in many Acuras today and are certified by Acura for aluminum body repair.  Extensive changes to equipment, tools, materials, and training are needed to perform aluminum auto body repair and Cherokee Collision Center's body shops are prepared and certified to repair all Acura vehicles.

Advantages of Acura Certified Collision Repair

Acura Specific Training
I-CAR administers Acura-specific training and requires additional education as new methods and procedures are needed.  Acura certified body shops are capable of repairs all years and models of Acura vehicles.

Unprecedented Repair Information
The Marietta and Canton body shops have access to all service and repair information needed for for safe and complete repairs on all Acura vehicles.

Tools & Equipment
Newer Acura vehicles are designed and engineered with different metals and lightweight materials to improve fuel economy.  Specific tools and equipment are required for proper repair and ProFirst Acura Certified body shops must have all the necessary equipment to complete auto body repairs appropriately.

Facility Standards
Marietta and Canton shop locations are required to maintain a clean and professional environment in the shop, in customer areas, and around the facility.

Customer Satisfaction
Cherokee Collision Center must show its commitment to customer satisfaction by implementing a customer satisfaction survey system and hit specific metrics related to customer expectations.

Annual Inspection
Both Atlanta area shop locations are inspected annually by an independent third party to confirm tools, equipment, cleanliness, and overall shop operation.  Verification of training and repair procedures is performed on an ongoing basis.

The Marietta and Canton locations of Cherokee Collision Center strive to provide each Acura owner with the best possible Acura certified collision repair experience.  Contact us today to discuss how a n Acura ProFirst auto body shop can ensure the safety, quality, and value of your Acura.

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